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iCARE Program

iCare program

Cultivating Care, Inspiring Excellence – Through the iCare program, our corporate office cultivates a workplace culture that values and invests in the holistic development of our team.

PoSH at Workplace
Imriel Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is committed to maintaining a work environment that encourages respect for the dignity of each individual. At the Company, sexual harassment and harassment based on race, creed, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability whether verbal, physical or environmental, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. While in some cases individuals may make sexual or other inappropriate comments or jokes or personal advances without intending harm, such actions can be unwanted, threatening and perceived as harassment. Stopping harassment in its many forms requires an increased awareness by everyone at the Company of the impact that such actions may have on others. We have introduced Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH Policy) to maintain a safe working environment.

This prohibited harassment policy applies to all persons who work at the Company, including employees, supervisors, management, clients, and other non-employees who conduct business with the Company. The Company will not tolerate, condone or allow prohibited harassment, whether engaged in by fellow employees, supervisors, management, clients or other non-employees who conduct business with the Company.

You experience any form of Sexual Harassment or, if you believe someone associated with the Company is experiencing any form of Sexual Harassment, you should immediately report the same to the IC / Redressal Committee Members via email on According to the POSH Act 2013, only women employees can complain to IC. Hence all Sexual Harassment complaints raised by women employees will be addressed under the POSH Act 2013, and all complaints from other gender will be addressed under the Workplace Harassment Policy.

Internal Complaints Committee

Trishna Bhatia Patel

Presiding Officer

Abhay Diwivedi

ICC Member

Mohammadali Surti

ICC Member

Mariya Pillai

ICC Member

Raj Soni

ICC Member

Anju Sherki

ICC Member

Menstrual Stay – AT – Home Policy
Talking about Periods openly and discussing their sensitivity is still considered unimportant. Even with the years of heightened period awareness through blogs, increased education, social communities, and other modes of media, companies established in India are still lagging back. Women prefer to stay quiet and come to work even if it includes nausea, mood swings, depression, cramps, etc. The problem lies with the mindset, not women and, thanks to social media, many women support organizations, blogs, and media have started creating awareness of menstrual – related issues. We here at IMRIEL understand the fact that women face severe pain and cramps during their menstrual cycle and for the female workforce it gets very arduous. We hereby introduce Menstrual Stay – AT – Home Policy for the growing female workforce. Due to the nature of the hybrid working environment, we encourage our Female employees to avail 1-day pre-approved WFH on days when being in the office is too much when you’re in a world of pain and discomfort. Any female employee can opt for pre-approved 12 days of WFH for the calendar year (1 each month) as per their discretion during their menstrual cycle.

Wellness Counselling
We almost spend more than 7 hours of our day at our workplace and it’s vital to have a positive environment by maintaining a healthy company culture. When people hear the term healthy, they usually focus on physical connotations, such as low cholesterol levels, good cardiovascular strength and the absence of disease. Unfortunately, countless people suffer from mental health problems but they are afraid to address the same for various reasons & the taboo in our country. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. We take Mental health very seriously at Imriel and encourage our employees to talk about it openly. Openly here doesn’t mean publicly or on the floor at the office but it means being positive and open to accept and take a professional help. At Imriel we have the iCare Program with Wellness Counselling Services on board.