We’ve developed products that provide significant benefits
to the business sectors that we operate in

Our Products

We have taken the expertise that we have gained working within various sectors and create world class products to support those sectors.
In real estate we have a created a free listings and collaboration platform to allow brokers and landlords to market their properties, tenants to find them and then manage the process to completion.
In procurement we have created a risk register where corporations can identify, track and manage their fraud risks for free. In addition we have created a paid for product which
ingests the raw data and does the hard work for you.



Create and manage listings

Use our app or a web browser to create and manage your listings

Capture requirements

Capture your client requirements either directly or using our AI to read and interpret client emails.

Respond to and manage client requirements

Send details of matching properties to you clients, arrange viewings and collect feedback.

Track progress on your Dashboard

Check the progress of your listings and requirements at a glance.

Share your requirements & Respond to others requirements

Share your requirements with colleagues and other platform users with complete privacy. Respond to other users requirements with your off market properties.

Focus on your business not your technology

Spend time on your business and not managing your technology. Let us do that for you.

For more information view our video here https://youtub.be



For more information on ProcAssure please go to https://procassure.com