Application Support & Managed Services

IMRIEL offer bespoke software solutions that make it possible for your business to
operate more smoothly and efficiently

Application Support and Managed Services

IMRIEL knows too well the importance of having the right application support for your organisation’s evolving business needs. We provide extensive support services for bespoke and packaged applications based on Oracle, Open Source, Force.com (Salesforce.com platform) and Microsoft CRM.

Our service extends from light, fundamental support to physically hosting and maintaining your application and infrastructure.
IMRIEL currently hosts across multiple locations in the UK.

We understand that not all organisations have the in-house technical expertise that allow them to operate their business seamlessly and continue to progress with advancements and upgrades in software. Our on-site capabilities and offshore solutions provide comprehensive support and enable you to manage complex and cutting edge applications.

Benefits of our service



Outsourcing expertise: You don’t’ have to invest in additional manpower or IT skills. Your problems are now our problems.

Reduced costs: Since this is our core proficiency we can help you reduce IT maintenance and support costs significantly. More importantly, managed services help you to plan your financial budgeting more accurately.

On-demand service/infrastructure: With our rich database of templates code libraries, our managed solutions can be set up at a very short notice, saving valuable time and resources.