Business Intelligence Portals

IMRIEL offer bespoke software solutions that make it possible for your business to
operate more smoothly and efficiently

Business Intelligence Portals

   “Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage.” – Peter F. Drucker

Data and information are of little value if you can’t join the dots, and make the connections. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that businesses face today is how to make sense of the copious amounts of data and reports that they generate. Often the organisations have multiple and complex transaction systems with separate reporting tools (or no reporting tools). This is a significant loss of opportunity, as your business may not get comprehensive, accurate or timely data to provide management with
insights and make the right business decisions.

IMRIEL’s precise and value-added BI methodology has been developed over the years of working closely with varied clients. We have worked successfully with senior management teams to identify and fine-tune various key performance indicators (KPIS) for each business.

We empower companies to create more value from their data by consolidating key metrics and reporting processes and then deliver simple, interactive reporting solutions that tap into this database of information from around their business. The results are then displayed in an attractive interface on a web page, email or mobile device.

IMRIEL not only offers a tailor-made BI portal, responsive to your business processes but ensures it is eminently usable. Using clean designs and technology form Microsoft, Oracle, and Open Source, we deliver BI portals that create highly valuable and targeted information, driving immediate benefits.

Our BI prototypes are built quickly and can be previewed within a matter of days, so that your business users can start interacting with the system and visualise the advantages.

IMRIEL’s Business Intelligence advantage:


  • Prototypes are built and delivered in a matter of days
  • Enhanced Interactivity and data visualisation
  • Access of data from inside and outside the organisation
  • Mash-ups with external sources and tools
  • Maximised value of existing applications and information systems
  • Faster and accurate reporting and data-driven decisions