MRIEL provides a number of services for Salesforce, for both existing and prospective users. Contact us to find out more.
Implement: Salesforce.com Fast-Track 10

Implement Salesforce in 10 man-days. IMRIEL has a fixed-price, fixed scope offering to allow you to get started with the full SalesForce suite.
Improve: Salesforce Process Review

You are already be using Salesforce and are not seeing the expected returns or are only scratching the surface. For example, if forcasting working? Are your sales team really using Salesforce or just doing the minimum? Are you constantly exporting data to Excel to get the information you want?

While the basic configuration of Salesforce is easy, getting the most out of any Enterprise Application can take a little more thought.

The deliverable is a full report showing where improvements can be made to the business through technology, training or simply turning on features you didn’t know about.
Check: Saleforce Business-Fit Analysis

Selecting any new package can be a major step for organisations. While it is easy to drift into selecting a package for a “quick proof of concept”, it is important you ensure the system will support your business in the future, move and change with you and link in with existing systems and working processes.

IMRIEL provides a series of workshops to map Salesforce onto your current requirements as well as looking at the future.

The end result is a written report describing a step-by-step approach, along with timings on how to implement and integrate Salesforce in your organisation.

Support: Salesforce.com ServiceDesk

IMRIEL provides low-cost packages to provide support and administration services to your Salesforce system. Adding a new team? Need a workflow changed? Need a new report? Data issues? Our simple, annual packages provide a Salesforce expert at the end of the phone.
Improve: Salesforce Add-Ons

There are many add-ons to SalesForce that may benefit your organisation, such as:

Timesheets and Expenses
Mobile Solutions for Blackberry and iPhone
Invoicing and Billing
Service Level Management
Email Campaign Management
Integration with Back-Office Systems
Customer and Partner Portals

A number of these have no licence fees, allowing you to get up and running with no investment in software or hardware.