Terms of engagement (short form)


What are services?

  • Services are any work provided by IMRIEL personnel or personnel contracted by IMRIEL, for the Customer. These are termed “consultants” below.

How is consultancy charged?

  • Consultancy is performed on a time and materials basis and in accordance with the Order Form (which shall take precedence), Customer purchase order or agreed project plan. Any estimates, project plans or documents provided to the Customer indicating man-days or cost should only be used for budgetary purposes. The Customer will be required to pay for actual services performed by IMRIEL.
  • Customer shall provide a purchase order to confirm the Services to be performed.
  • IMRIEL will invoice the Customer monthly for services performed. IMRIEL’s standard payment terms are 30 days, and payments not received within this time period shall be deemed over-due, and we may charge you interest on the debt.
  • Delaying services with less than 5 working days notice will incur the full charge to the Customer for any consultants committed to the Customer – unless agreed with IMRIEL management in writing.
  • Cancellation of services with less than 28 working days notice will incur full charge to the Customer for any consultants committed to the Customer – unless agreed with IMRIEL management in writing.
  • A rate for the services will be agreed with the Customer before the project starts and will be quoted by IMRIEL. Additional days required which have been authorised in advance will continue at the standard project rate. Overtime may be billed at premium rates.
  • The charges do not include taxes or duties (e.g. VAT)
  • Incidental expenses will be recharged at cost to the Customer. Wherever possible, IMRIEL will travel at standard class and stay in “standard” rate hotel rooms. The only exception to this will be flights over 6 hours in duration where business class (or equivalent) will be used. (Mileage will be recharged at 75p per mile).
  • IMRIEL will require a purchase order from the Customer – (or equivalent documentation) to perform services, and Customer shall sign the Order Form.

Where will the work be performed?

  • The services will be performed on Customer’s site, IMRIEL’s offices, or any other 3rd party premises nominated by the Customer. Where the travelling time is greater than 2 hours – overnight accommodation may be considered.
  • When working on a Customer site, IMRIEL personnel will require the following:
    • Access to a PC or Workstation or Terminal with the correct software loaded and configured for the project
    • Access to the networks, servers and other equipment required in the delivery of the services
    • A quiet, clean and professional working environment
    • Passwords and access rights required in the delivery of the services
    • All code, programs and other materials be adequately backed up and archived in case of system failure or loss.
    • Adequate software licenses for any IMRIEL consultants working on the Customer’s premises.
  • IMRIEL standard hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.
  • IMRIEL personnel will adhere to all safety and security regulations enforced at the Customer’s site and must be made aware of all the rules and regulations.
  • IMRIEL is not liable for loss of any anticipated revenue, profit or Customers. IMRIEL carries liability for damage to a Customer’s property limited to £1,000,000 and for personal injury or death caused by negligence limited to £2,000,000.
  • IMRIEL cannot be responsible for individual actions of IMRIEL consultants working outside their job descriptions

How do we work with you and other Customers?

  • IMRIEL personnel will keep all information about a Customer confidential to that Customer other than that which is in the public domain. A Customer should make IMRIEL personnel aware of any particular piece of information that may be critical.
  • Subject to all pre-existing intellectual property rights, IMRIEL hereby grants to Customer, once payment is received in full and subject to Customer’s compliance with the licence provisions referred to herein, a perpetual non-exclusive, royalty free licence to use the Deliverables. Such right of use shall include the right to modify, copy and sub-licence the.
  • Termination of this contract may only be made by either party as a result of an insolvency of either party or a material breach by either party.

What are the guidelines with your company and our staff?

  • Recruitment of IMRIEL personnel by the Customer (up to 12 months after termination of employment with IMRIEL) will allow IMRIEL to claim compensation of up to £75,000.

How do we fix errors?

  • IMRIEL are not liable for bugs, errors or omissions occurring from 3rd party products (e.g. software, hardware etc.). A Customer is liable for delays in the project due to downtime caused by these issues.
  • IMRIEL will fix issues arising from the development of the system until such a period as the system has been accepted by the Customer or is in “Go Live” (“Go Live” is defined as once the system is running with more than one business or technical user processing live transactions). After this date, the Customer may purchase additional days on a time and material basis or a support contract.